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[26 Feb 2010 | 15 Comments | ]
Flying with dizziness and vertigo

Many people with vertigo and dizziness comment to me that flying fills them with dread. Flying is particularly bad for the vertigo and dizziness sufferer for several reasons.   But with a bit of knowledge you can minimize the negative effects.

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[18 Feb 2010 | One Comment | ]
Healing times in labyrinthitis (vestibular neuritis).

A question I get asked all the time by my patients is how long will it take to get better. The “normal” healing time of labyrinthitis is about six weeks, but things often aren’t as simple as they seem.
Labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis is a condition where the inner, or or the nerve running from it to the brain, gets an infection (usually caused by a virus). This causes the signals from the ear to be disordered, either increased or decreased, and the brain has to adapt to these changes in …

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[8 Feb 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
What is the difference between dizziness and vertigo?


Regardless other whether you feel vertigo or dizziness, both are very unpleasant. Ian Hooton / Science Photo Library

It’s easy to assume that they are the same thing, because in day to day life we use the terms interchangeably, but in actual fact they are different.  And as you move forward in your understanding of your vertigo or dizziness problem it is important that you understand the difference.
Vertigo specifically means a sensation of movement of either yourself or the world when you are not really moving.  It is usually a spinning …