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The Treatment of Vertigo and Dizziness

Are you a vertigo or dizziness sufferer? Chances are you’ve been for treatment with little success, either that or this is your first episode.  Well this blog is for you.  I’m a practitioner that focuses on the treatment of vertigo and dizziness, and this is where I share my expertise to help you get better faster.  You’ll find articles on the various types of vertigo and dizziness, and as the blog expands I hope to add self-help programmes that you can use at home to treat your symptoms.
To get started use …

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Treat Your Brain with Computer Games for Dizziness and Vertigo Sufferers.

One of the things that I have talked about in earlier posts is the way that vestibular problems (the causes of vertigo and dizziness) can cause anxiety and depression, and it has been found that for many people doing a balance rehabilitation course can correct your anxiety symptoms. Likewise, as well as emotional issues like these, it has been found that vestibular deficits cause problems with cognition and executive function.
Executive functions are those brain processes that reside in the top parts of our brains, the cerebral cortex. They include things …

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Treating BPPV

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common forms of vertigo, and it’s cause is loose crystals in the inner ear as we have discussed here in an earlier post.  Treatment thankfully is fairly straightforward if you know what to do.  Just to recap though, how do you know if you have BPPV?
BPPV classically produces vertigo (spinning of the room – the difference from dizziness is discussed here) that lasts anywhere from a few seconds to two minutes, and is usually only provoked by movement, usually lying …

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3D TV, vertigo and dizziness.

Have you bought a 3D TV only to experience vertigo or dizziness on watching it? You aren’t alone. Dizzness and vertigo after watching 3D Television is a recognised problem amongst TV manufacturers and health professionals who treat vertigo like myself. How do you know if you are likely to experience problems with 3D TV and what can you do about it?
It all arises from a problem called visual mismatch. As I have mentioned in previous posts, your balance relies on input from your eyes (vision), ears and your body (proprioception). …

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Swimming, vertigo and dizziness.

When it’s summer time many of us want to go swimming, but for those with vertigo and dizziness it’s not always that easy. Swimming can present several challenges to the vertigo sufferer.

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The link between Anxiety and Balance problems

When I see people for balance problems in my clinic they frequently report feeling anxiety along with their other balance issues like vertigo and dizziness.  If you feel this way too, then you are not alone.
Research has demonstrated that there is a link between the two conditions.  Anatomically there is a link between the balance areas in the brain and the limbic or motional parts of the brain.  It is thought that disordered function in one area can lead to problems in the other.